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Proven training & nutrition guides which are personalised, flexible and sustainable. 


Resistance based training to optimise lean muscle gain, strength, performance & fat loss.
Flexible & sustainable nutrition to help create & maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.
Personalised & practical lifestyle changes to maximise sustainability & compliance.


"Make every workout purposeful, fun & intense, create a balanced & healthy relationship with food and make health & fitness a part of your lifestyle to ensure sustainability." 

I am a fully qualified fitness & nutrition coach with a passion for transforming peoples lives by helping them achieve their ultimate body and gain self-confidence. I started AFB Fitness because of my love for fitness and my desire to impact and better as many lives as possible. 

I am a positive & passionate fitness fanatic with a massive drive to teach people about training, nutrition and most importantly how to create a sustainable healthy & active lifestyle that will help you earn and maintain your ultimate body. As you can see from the photo on the left I was once a skinny guy with very little muscle and I want to teach & help as many guys, who are looking to go from scrawny to brawny, as I can. 


I am a down to earth kind of guy and I know that most of us live busy lives and that nobody wants to eat chicken breast & broccoli for the rest of their lives just so they can look good at the beach or without a shirt on. This is why I want to educate and share my knowledge and experience to make your journey as fast and as enjoyable as possible as well as give you the tools & skills to help earn and sustain the body that you have always wanted for life. I will give you my support and understanding to help keep you on track and accountable on your way to the body of your dreams.

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